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An accredited, independent Bosch Car Service Centre Based at Sutton Bridge in South Lincolnshire with borders of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire which is within easy reach of Long Sutton, Gedney, Wisbech, Holbeach, Terrington, Walpole, Spalding, Boston and Kings Lynn

Our skilled team deals with all aspects of:

• Servicing and repairs
• MOT testing
• Engine management diagnostics
• Code reading
• Electrical diagnostics and repairs
• Tyres and exhausts
• Air conditioning

Our rates are very competitive and we provide a fast reliable service.

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Bosch Car Service

Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd is an accredited Bosch car service centre.
Our aim is to offer an outstanding level of care and attention, as well as the highest standards of workmanship and follow the Bosch Car Service Code of Practice at all times.

In August 2007 Bosch Car Service secured Office of Fair Trading Approval for its consumer code of Practice. The purpose of the Code is to set out the standards and practices of a Bosch Car Service garage so that you can make an informed decision regarding the suitability of the services on offer.

All Bosch Car Service garages are required to comply with the provisions of the Code and fulfil all relevant statutory and legal requirements, in particular those relating to Trading Standards, Health & Safety, Environmental Protection and Employment.

To achieve this Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd takes part in a programme of quality and performance checks to ensure standards are maintained. To guarantee that Tears maintains these high standards that Bosch set, we are audited every year. To ensure that our technicians keep up to date with new technologies, we insist that they attend training on a regular basis.

The Bosch Car Service Accreditation is a prestigious appointment for an independent garage and Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd is rightly proud of this achievement.

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Car Servicing

Regular servicing can help to extend the life of a vehicle, and help identify faults on the vehicle before they become a safety issue or cause the car to break down.
Regular servicing can also ensure that slow wearing parts (such as timing belts) are replaced at the appropriate time in the vehicle’s life as well as helping to spread out the cost of keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy state.
Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd is also able to provide vehicle manufacturers’ servicing schedules at far more affordable prices. We also offer our own service schedule for cars no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. These services are extremely rigorous without involving the high costs normally associated with this level of service

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M.O.T. Testing

All vehicles over three years have to take a Motor Ordinance Test (MOT) every year. This test checks the safety of your car and looks at its emissions.
The test covers the most critical areas that could compromise your safety, the safety of other road users, or the environment. These include lights, emissions, seatbelts, brakes and fuel systems (see below for full details).

• At Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd  we can MOT Class 4 & 7 vehicles
• carry out your MOT whilst you wait
• Should the vehicle require any repairs or retuning we can usually carry these
  out on the same day
• We offer a free re-test after these repairs have been carried out
• Please pre-book to avoid disappointment.
• MOT test reminders

You can have your car tested any time within the calendar month prior to the expiry date. This means that when the certificate is issued, it will still be valid until the original expiry date, giving you up to 13 months MOT. MOTs can only be carried out by qualified technicians authorised by the Ministry of Transport.
The components we test are:

• brakes
• exhaust emissions
• exhaust system
• wheels and tyres
• steering and suspension
• wipers and washers
• lights
• seatbelts
• vehicle structure
• fuel systems
• windscreen
• horn
• seats
• doors
• mirrors
• vehicle identification number
• registration plate

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Bosch Diagnostics Electrical Testing and Repairs

At Tears we specialise in the electrical diagnosis of charging, starter, battery or complex injection and ignition systems.

Should you have an engine management fault on your vehicle, we usually have the equipment and the technical expertise to repair it.

To achieve this, we have teamed up with the world’s leading manufacturer of petrol injection systems and also Europe’s largest manufacturer of the associated test equipment – Bosch.

We use Bosch’s latest engine diagnostic equipment, the KTS 520 with its ESI[tronic] software, and since we are also members of the highly successful Bosch Car Service network we have access to all the latest technical information.

To keep inconvenience to a minimum, we can also provide Bosch exchange units, all of which are manufactured to your original specification.

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Car  Battery Testing & Maintenance

We won’t just sell you a battery! Instead we have invested in battery testing equipment to help identify potential electrical problems ensuring that your old battery was actually the issue and not another fault elsewhere in the charging system. Our battery testing equipment will hopefully save you time and money. Check your battery regularly where possible although in most modern cars, there is little you can do to maintain your car battery yourself, so you are likely to be unaware of a problem until it’s too late. New batteries often have performance indicators and protective covers, so there is not much you can check other than the connections. However, to preserve battery life you can make sure that you take your car out on a longer journey once in a while and you avoid leaving your lights on!

Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd has teamed up Bosch to supply the highest quality car batteries in the UK to get you back on the road when your battery fails. All of our car batteries are fitted whilst you wait and come with a full manufacturers’ warranty.

If you feel you are having problems with your battery just drive in to see us for a free battery check

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Brake Repairs

Your brakes are incredibly important for your safety within your vehicle, so it's vital that they're performing at their best. The slightest problem can seriously impede your stoppage time and could mean the difference between life and death, particularly when travelling at speed.

That's why it's essential that any brake problems are checked by a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Whatever brake repairs need undertaking – from checking brake fluid to replacing brake pads and repairing brake disks – our team are here to help. No job is too big or too small, and we always ensure that your brakes are working perfectly again before returning your car to you.

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Clutch Repairs

If you feel that your clutch is slipping, or that you are having problems with hill-starts, We know from experience that it is important to assess a car before fitting a new clutch as many symptoms could indicate a problem with the clutch, whilst the real fault may be something completely different or minor adjustment.

• Cars, vans, 4x4s and light commercial clutch and brake replacement.
• For a FREE clutch diagnosis, just give us call or drop by to arrange a booking
• We only use OEM quality parts such as LUK, Delphi, Valeo or genuine
  dealer parts.
• Fast and efficient repair service
• Fully Warranted replacement parts

Tears of Sutton Bridge also offer a recovery service and delivery service; though additional costs may be apply.

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Tyres should be your only point of contact with the road surface. If you neglect their condition, you are             endangering yourself and passengers and other road users.

The fines for having worn tyres on your car are much higher than most people think. A tyre needs to have at least 1.6mm of tread across the central 75% of the tread. If your tyres fail to meet this standard, you can be fined up to £2500 per tyre and receive 3 penalty points on your licence!!!
Did you know?

• An under-inflated tyre could cost £300 a year in increased fuel consumption
  and reduced tyre life, as well as significantly increasing the risk of having a
  serious accident.
• Your braking distance with 2mm of tread is around 1.5 times longer than
  with a new tyre.
• There are on average ten deaths per day on UK roads that could be attributable
  to the sudden failure of a tyre.

For all these reasons we recommend that you allow us to check the condition of your tyres at least once a year.

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The exhaust system is constantly in use whilst driving and at times, will reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees centigrade. This makes it one of the hardest working components on a vehicle.
The exhaust has to perform a multitude of tasks, silencing noise, preventing gas leakage into the passenger compartment and contributing to maximum engine power with minimum fuel consumption.
Exhausts corrode from the outside in and from the inside out. External corrosion is worsened by weather conditions particularly when salt is spread on the roads in winter. Internally, acids produced during the combustion process normally pass through the exhaust system as gas, but on short journeys exhaust system temperatures are lower allowing the gas to condense on the inside walls, forming a very acidic liquid which attacks the insides of the exhaust system.

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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

To maintain correct control of your car, you must keep your wheels in proper alignment. If wheels are incorrectly aligned, steering can become heavy, or can drag to one side, your tyres will wear unevenly, and your fuel consumption will increase.
Wheels slowly come out of alignment & balance through general use; this problem can be exacerbated if you park on the curb or if you go over a lot of speed bumps.
Did you know?
Just two degrees of misalignment on both front wheels can increase fuel consumption by around 10%. While 11% of all premature tyre removals were due to uneven wear caused by wheel misalignment. It therefore pays to have your wheel alignment checked at least once a year and always after a hard impact with kerbs, speed bumps or similar obstructions.
So when you have you car tested for its MOT, why not check the wheel alignment at the same time and save on your petrol bills?

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Cambelt Replacement

Steer Clear of Expensive and Unnecessary Repairs
Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd provide a fast and cost-effective Cambelt replacement service.
A Cambelt, timing belt or timing chain is a part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine's valves. If the timing belt fails the engine could seize leading to engine damage that may be uneconomic to repair.
Since timing belts are difficult to inspect, it is essential that the vehicle Cambelts should be replaced at the intervals recommended by the car manufacturer.
At Tears of Sutton Bridge Ltd we only use top-quality replacement parts that comply with the original equipment specification, which may include new pulleys and tensioners.

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Vehicle Air Conditioning

These days, most new cars come with some form of air conditioning or climate control. These systems use a special gas to cool the air which in turn helps control the temperature within the vehicle. The system also dehumidifies and cleans the air.
Over a period of time the system can lose gas or become contaminated. In addition, filters gradually become saturated which can cause the system to become inefficient or fail completely. For this reason air conditioning units should be regularly serviced in a similar manner to other vehicle parts.
This will result in:

• Improved system efficiency (Cooler)
• The removal of potentially harmful bacteria
• Reducing de-misting times
• Stop the recirculation of dust and pollutant particles

We recommend that the system is serviced and recharged at least every 2 years.
Contact us at your convenience for a temperature vent test, pressure test and visual inspection.

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Misfuel / Fuel Drain Service

If you have put the wrong type of fuel in your car (e.g. Diesel instead of Petrol) - and don't worry, we've all done it!

We will drain, flush, and replenish fuel systems that will include the following:

• Remove mixed fuel from tank
• Remove Fuel from fuel lines
• Provide 5 litres of new fuel
• Dispose of waste fuel in accordance with environmental standards

Possible Additional Charges
Please do be aware that in some cases your vehicle as a result of mis fuel may have suffered additional damage to fuel system, and other engine or electric components. Our trained mechanics will be able to identify this during the process, and we will alert you to any additional damage that has occurred, so that you can decide if you would like us to go ahead with any work required

Collection / Delivery & Courtesy Vehicles
We are pleased to provide this hassle free collection & delivery service (within 15 miles) of Sutton Bridge. We can have your car collected from work or home and delivered back to you as well.
We offer courtesy vehicles which will save you time and money whilst your vehicle is in for service or repair. This also saves you having to rely on other people to pick you up and drop you off to collect your vehicle.
Free courtesy vehicles are available to all drivers driving on their own insurance

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Commercial Vehicle Service and Repairs

We have a specially fitted out Commercial vehicle service bays  to carry out all the maintenance you require for all makes of  Vans, Trucks, HGV Commercial Vehicles , Horseboxes and Large Motor homes

• Commercial Vehicle Service, Inspection & Repairs
• Pre MOT Inspections & preparation
• HGV Safety Inspections
• VOSA compliant inspection sheets
• Fleet Maintenance
• General Maintenance
• Steam Cleaning & Presenting for Test
• 24 Hour Roadside Assistance & Recovery

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Over the past 19 years we have made a continued commitment
to develop and update our comprehensive fleet of recovery vehicles making one of the most comprehensive in the area.
Please view our large selection of
cars and vans available to rent from
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Tears are specialists in vehicle
servicing, So if your vehicle is
due for its a service visit us.
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